In Transition for Resilience


17 juni    
Hela dagen


Kulturcentrum Järna och odlingskooperativet Under Tallarna
Järna kulturcentrum 25, Järna, 153 91

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Karta Otillgänglig

Welcome to Järna, Sweden, and four days of common exploration, inspirational talks and workshops, participatory forums and a fusion between movements, approaches and people.

The main host is The REALS projectpartnership, which is a coalition of partners from the Baltic- and it´s neighbouring region engaged in exploring how we as local communities, initiatives and people play a role for future sustainability and resilience. This forum is the final interantional event in the three year long project.

A diversity of actors within the area of sustainability will be participating in the Forum, but 3 key movements are going to be present during the days in Järna: Ecovillages (GEN)-, Permaculture- and Transition networks. The “coming together” of these three movements is a pattern which continues to repeat, with the European meta-network of ECOLISE as an important example which also has been a collaborative plattform for REALS extended network.

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