Bokashi-workshop – Kompostering med utvalda mikroorganismer


11 augusti    
18:00 - 20:00


Askeröd 1114, Hörby
Askeröd 1114, Hörby, Skåne, Skåne

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with international guest speaker Bernice Kadatz

Bokashi is a soil enhancement method that uses a mix of microorganisms to cover food waste and convert it to rich, productive soil amendment that every garden loves. It is an effective method of recycling your garden waste and household scraps that can typically be responsible for up to 50% of our household waste.

This workshop will include a one hour presentation followed by a demonstration of how to make the Bokashi bran, activate the effective microorganisms, set up and fill a Bokashi bran bucket.

Bernice Kadatz operates a biologically dynamic farm with her partner near Tofield, Alberta, Canada. The farm is home to cattle, horses, poultry, bees and compost worms. Bernice has considerable experience in organic farming and gardening practices, as well as over 33 years experience in analytical chemistry with the Alberta Research Council. Although she has retired from her work with ARC, finding practical solutions for returning health to the soil fills her research appetite. Bernice has developed several soil amendment products that are producing tremendous results, especially in trouble soils.

Bernice has been passing on her extensive knowledge of the soil since 2011 by teaching several courses in the Gaia College, Organic Master Garden program.

Bernice’s passion for returning health to the soil and ultimately the earth is exceeded only by her drive to share her knowledge with her students. One of her greatest attributes is her ability to take the complex chemical and biological systems of the soil and break it down into simple language everyone can understand.

Bernice has presented talks and posters on organic food production both locally and internationally.

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